Let the most beautiful tour guide convey positive energy

The "Search for the Most Beautiful Tour Guide" activity is not only a recognition of excellent tour guides, but also a encouragement to other tour guides; It is not only a display of the image of the tour guide team, but also allows society to have a more detailed and in-depth understanding of the unknown efforts and contributions of tour guides.

According to reports, the "Search for the Most Beautiful Tour Guide" activity jointly organized by the National XX Bureau and XX is currently being carried out in full swing in various regions. Unexpectedly, people discover that the most beautiful tour guides who have been silently giving, prioritizing others, and receiving high praise are actually by their side, and they seem to have a common characteristic - dark skin, which is a mark of years of exposure to wind and sun. These "black pearls" are important assets of the beauty industry and are extremely precious.

The beauty industry needs to showcase the image and value of "black pearls". For a long time, due to the distorted business environment of zero negative group fees, a series of problems that arise in tourism management and operation have erupted in the work process of tour guides, to some extent causing the tour guide group to bear some of the industry's drawbacks. Therefore, tour guides are often at the forefront of the "storm".

Objectively speaking, tour guides do have their own shortcomings, but at the same time, they also have their helplessness, grievances, and pain. We hope that society can treat and understand them correctly. In terms of tour guides, we cannot always "keep good things from going out, and bad things spread far and wide". This is neither fair nor responsible for tour guides.

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