Product Configuration

    Outer layer material:

    Stainless steel 

    Inner material:

    Mica and thermal wire

    Wire choice:

    PTFE Wire                                               300°C

    PTFE+PI Wire                                          350°C

    PTFE Wire with net                                  300°C

    PTFE+PI Wire with net                             350°C

    Fiberglass wire                                         450°C

    Fiberglass wire with net                            450°C

    High temperature Fiberglass wire            750°C

Technical Data

    the minimum wall diameter:


    the maximum surface temperature:


    power tolerance for <= 200W: 


    power tolerance for > 200W: 

    -10% - +5%

    unheated pass puncture test:

    1500V - 1800V

    unheated insulation resistance:

    ≥1.5MΩ @500V

    unheated leakage current:

    ≥0.5MA  @253V AC


Optional Choice

    1. Able to customize to fit customers' needs

    2. High precision molding machining service

    3. Able to install thermocouple